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The Holiday Lighting Experts

Make your property the envy of your neighbors with professionally designed holiday lighting. TSL designs and installs eye-catching light displays for Christmas, Independence Day, or any other seasonal holiday.

Celebrate in Style

Holiday lights add joy to any neighborhood. We make it easy to celebrate the season. Our team designs an impressive display for your home or business, provides all the lights and materials, and installs everything using professional techniques. When the holiday is over, we come back and take it all down at no extra charge. Better still, we come back next year and put everything up again at a discounted price.

You own all the lights and decorations we install on your property, so you can do whatever you want with them after installation. When the season is over, they can be stored in your home or at our facility for a small charge.

Event Lighting at
Its Finest

Make your special day truly shine with beautiful event lighting by TSL. We create fabulous lighting displays for weddings, special events, and celebrations of all kinds.

Wedding Lighting

We make sure your wedding venue is bright, beautiful, and perfectly lit. Our team creates customized displays that are designed for your venue. Whether you're having an indoor or outdoor wedding, you can be sure the location will look breathtaking.

Fast Installation

Installation is quick and easy. We can put up all the lights and take them down again within a 24-hour period, or we can leave them up for an entire week-long celebration - it's up to you.